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Hope is a one-of-its-kind online dating and support community created exclusively for people gifted with
an STD. Hope aims to become a revolutionary online dating site for people having the gifts.

Hope - Dating for People with Herpes and Other STDs

In the past, people with sexually transmitted infections and diseases have been treated as misfits in the society. If you had a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), you had limited choices but to lead a solitude life, where no one cared much about you and your existence. However, recent times have changed and the society has changed along with these changes in time and as a result, many have learnt to accept and understand people living with STDs.

This societal acceptance does not mean that these people can easily mingle and date any member of the society. Though many people infected with STDs find appropriate support in the community today, many of these supportive community members are still very negative minded about dating someone with such an infection. There's continued stigmatization that has prohibited the community from going into a serious dating relationship with any member of the community carrying an STD.

The Hope Difference

While it is still a problem for people to date other people with sexually transmitted diseases, Hope gives such individuals a new hope in life; thanks to its revolutionary dating activities as well as extensive support community it offers people with sexually transmitted infections like HSV and HPV. Even though these infections are incurable, you can still find a soul mate with the help of Hope APP.

Hope Inspires the Hopeless

As earlier noted, Hope provides support for people with incurable infections transmitted through sex. Even though these infections may be incurable, Hope team ensures that the symptoms associated with these infections are effectively dealt with and in the right manner.

Hope achieves this by treating every STD as a gift and as you all know, people with gifts are rare and as such, they should be treated as very special individuals- this is what you get at Hope. Regardless of your different needs, tastes and preferences; you'll get one-of-a-kind support from this dating platform that is also very unconditional since you are a special person with a special gift.

You no longer have to lead that life of solitude just because you have been diagnosed with an STD. It is because Hope dating platform will give you a ray of hope, especially if you are of the view that your current condition is the end of your love life. The good thing with this dating platform is that you'll get your match, regardless of your different tastes, preferences and any other special requirement that you might have in mind. At Hope, be rest assured that all will be well; thanks to the amazing team of professionals that also includes application/website developers, dating experts as well as psychologists.

Herpes Dating Services for All Members

Hope is free to join and all the services offered on this site are also free of any charge. Some of the leading features you'll find with the Hope application include a drag and drop profile builder that has made the process of building a profile on this platform a very easy task; the proximity search feature that lets users find like-minded people within their vicinity; matchmaking search algorithm for matching your profile with other potential suitors based on the information in your profile; real time notifications about messages and other activities on the site; Facebook connect for creating an account using Facebook rather than the usual process; and other features like chatting, a community feel as well as a feature for exchanging virtual gifts with friends. With these features, finding the perfect match for you won't be such a hard task.

Hope is on App store

With the latest boom in the smartphone world, developers at Hope haven't lagged behind. Regardless of where you are, it is possible to take Hope with you on your mobile device, be it an Android or iOS-based device. You can keep in touch with the activities at Hope in a much simpler and hassle-free process; thanks to the SpeedMatch option available on both platforms. You can also view the faces of those single members within your locality using the SpeedMatch feature.

The good thing with this smartphone application is that you get all that is available on the desktop version of the same application, as long as you have an internet connection.

A Hassle-free and Smoother Dating Experience

Hope has been designed with the aim of making the dating experience of those infected with STDs smoother and hassle-free thanks to the handy features that come with both smartphone and desktop versions of the application. If you have been facing lots of discriminatory treatment due to your health condition or if you are finding it hard to find a perfect match in the real world and you are looking for somewhere to change your fortunes, look no further than Hope. Here, you'll find features that have been tailored with both eyes on persons gifted with sexually transmitted diseases and with these features; it'll take you no time to find the perfect match of your life.

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