Hope is a revolutionary online dating and support community for people gifted with an STD. At Hope, we treat every STD as a gift as it is something you never ask for. As people with a sexually transmitted infection have unique needs and preferences, they're special and need something that matches their tastes.

Our Team

The team of professionals behind the creation of Hope encompasses dating experts, website / App designers and psychologists who boast of immense experience in their respective fields. The experience that these professionals bring to the table has enabled us to create something amazing, which is unmatched in the market.

Our Approach

Hope is based on a practical approach which is aimed at simplifying the overall dating experience for people gifted with a STD. This site amalgamates the best features and an easy to navigate user interface. This means that users get the best of both worlds absolutely free of charge.


The primary objective behind the development of Hope is to provide people gifted with an STD an uncomplicated and hassle-free online dating experience. Every feature available to registered users of this site has been implemented keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our prospective users.

It is beyond doubt that people having a sexually transmitted infection are looked at with disregard and not give due respect. This is why these individuals find it extremely difficult to find their perfect partner in the real world. Hope provides dating and support platform where people can search for their ideal match and strike a conversation without any fear of rejection.

These characteristics make Hope one of the best online dating services in the STD dating segment. Above all, the website is absolutely free to use. Join us today and give a kick-start to your dating life.